We are alive, active and reliable!

Launched: June 2021. We minted our first block in epoch 273, and haven’t missed an opportunity since!

If you are new to staking, it isn’t hard, we wrote some instructions!


Welcome to the Medium Rare Stake Pool! We’re excited to contribute to the decentralization of finance! Administered/maintained privately and efficiently on the technical side by yours truly, along with a crypto enthusiast partner.

Some of our goals are growth, decentralization, independence and reliability!

With the goal of decentralization in mind, we run on a bare metal platform, 100% private and independent! Our private hardware is high quality, with redundancies in place to ensure reliability. We are committed to quality, and furthermore we will not use overly large or mega cap cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure or Google even for our relay as we view these providers as sources of centralization.

For announcements, information or to contact us, please use our Twitter or Reddit!

Cardano passes the 20 million transaction mark without a single outage in 4 years! 🤯

Have had a lot of people recently ask me if they should panic sell $ADA. Now is the time you should be scraping the jar, throwing everything you have at it.

You want to earn stake rewards, and like the idea of supporting independent pool/ node operators to encourage decentralization? It's easy, take 5 minutes: https://mediumrarestake.mitchjonesengineering.us/staking-what-how/

#cardano #stake #crypto #ada

We're having a good month with minting Cardano blocks! Stake your ada with an independent, yet reliable pool! We need and welcome all delegators! Link in bio. #cardano #ada #rewards #decentralized #Independent

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